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PART 2: I have finally found the only way to beat roulette but need help with software
This article will represent a solution for all who want to automate their roulette systems. This discussion took place on Money Maker Machine Site which represents the best place to automate your own idea. All started via a post from a new member which apparently looked for something or somebody who will help him to automate his winning strategy.
Below you can see the difference between professional players which use advanced roulette tools and “Bigflea” which spent whole life to find something which can automate his own winning roulette system.
Bigflea said:
Hi all......thanks for your replies and info on RSS, I will have a look in detail tonight.
I understand that the RNG is designed so we lose, I know we will lose now and surely the best system is one that you will only lose if something 'strange' happens....then if this happens again and again the RNG must be rigged.
“Scudger” the RNG will identify....this means we must be changing our combinations all the time.
“Omberirco” the nature of the RNG is to send all possible combinations so the more combinations we use and the more we change them must give us a better advantage? No? This is what I am working on....using every possible combination.
Optimist said:
Hi bigflea,
If RNG identify something then it means that it is rigged. So forget about this casino you have no chances at all.
What you need is to win against RNG studio spins. Win with yours method (or system) against 500K RNG studio spins.
To do this - please post your system or idea. We will test it ASAP.
Omrerico said:
RNG sends all possible combinations. This mean that everything can be strange will happen.
There is nothing that does not happen in RNG. In RNG everything happens, all the same.
I think you have a good idea that has not been tested. And when you try will find that he can not win the RNG.
Bigflea said:
“Scudger” I bet on dozens but not the dozens that are offered to me, random dozens.
“Ombrerico” but surely the 'strange' things that happen will not happen as much as the 'expected' things giving us a chance to profit?
“Optimist” I would need software made before I can test it, I tried manually last night and it got too confusing.
But I like the sound of the Einstein method....I think I will keep it.
Kestas said:
I don't see difference between random betting on colors or dozens. There's DCS for that. Do you use martingale?
Bigflea said:
Hi what is DCS? I only use martingale if a combination of 12 or 13 of the same dozen come out.
Optimist said:
DCS is an auto play Roulette Tool where the player can implement his own strategy based on Columns & Dozens betting. So the user can create it own roulette strategy, or load and play other existing roulette strategies.
Bigflea said:
Thanks for the info optimist.....when using martingale i won't start betting until 12 of the same dozen have come out.
Obrerico said:
There's no point playing against random RNG. The result is always the same: Either you lose or you draw.
You can even earn a few crumbs with a lot of waiting and patience, but is likely to end up losing.
I tested RNG VS Random. Scores and was a draw or defeat, never win.
“bigflea” look on RSS Pro. You can create play Quaker and graphical interfaces. I just use it. The Harvest I created with it.
Download and see. I am creating free scripts for all MMM members.
Bigflea said:
“Ombrerico” I understand what you are saying but I don't use random numbers, I have set dozens(a lot of them) and then change which dozens I am using, it is only when 12 of the same dozen come out I start progression betting on the other dozens, only with a max. 13 point loss. Ii am not sure if these products you talk about can do what I need.
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