How to Avoid a Raw Male Organ from Sensual Activity in the Snow

Some purveyors of atypical sensual activity may experiment with coupling in the snow and ice; men should be aware that a raw male organ, if not a frostbitten one, may result.

Many couples enjoy a bit of atypical sensual activity, but not so many extend their adventurous sensual indulgences into the snow; if nothing else, such activities threaten to make for a very raw male organ, if not a frostbitten one. Needless to say, romping around naked in sub-freezing temperatures is far from what would be considered good male organ care (, so it really is something that should be avoided. However, for those for whom their exploration of atypical sensual activity includes exposing the tool to the snowy weather, a bit of thought is called for.

Be sure.
The first thing is to be sure that both partners are committed to taking this particular plunge. This is a good idea whenever venturing into new sensual territory, of course. With snow coupling, however, it’s especially advisable; no man wants to have his junk whipped about by freezing winds only to discover that his partner wasn’t really serious about this adventure.

Make plans.
While spontaneous sensual activity has its advantages, if a couple is interested in romancing in the snow, it makes sense to do a little advance preparation. Among the things that one should consider are:

• Location. This is obvious, but it’s important that one engages in coupling in a secluded area in which there are no onlookers. Sensual activity is fun, but getting arrested for it is not. Beyond the “public” factor, the couple needs to make sure that the chosen spot allows for a quick disrobing and an equally speedy re-adoption of clothing.

• Dry clothing. If one is disrobing outdoors, it is important to either have a place to put the clothes which will keep them dry or to have a fresh set of dry clothes to step into after the snow sensual activity. Fresh robes, blankets and other coverings are also advised, as is a nice hot mug of cocoa, coffee or tea.

• Warm up in advance. The cold will set in quickly no matter what a person does, but warming up as much as possible in advance is advised. Some enjoy going from a hot tub or sauna into the snow, but the dampness factor can make this inadvisable. A better bet may be to snuggle in front of a roaring fire before exposing oneself to the cold.

• Use blankets. Unless one is incredibly hardy, the member of the couple who will be on the bottom will want to lie on a blanket.

• Know when to stop. Fun is fun, but this kind of activity does carry with it the very real possibility of frostbite or other damage. This form of atypical sensual activity should definitely be a quickie – and should be stopped when either partner has had enough, whether the deed has been fully accomplished or not.

Position is important.
For sensual activity in the snow, a standing position (if attainable) or doggie style is preferable to missionary or other positions in which a large portion of the body is prone on the ground.

Re-entry is key.
Absolutely make sure that one does not lock oneself out of the warmth of home or car when done. And don’t be afraid to re-create the sensual experience again once the couple has safely returned to a warm setting.

As previously stated, snow coupling is not without risks, and clearly a frostbitten manhood is one of them. Men should take great care to avoid this and should seek medical help if frostbite occurs anywhere.

A raw male organ from atypical sensual activity in the snow may not be as dangerous as a frostbitten one, but it is a problem nonetheless. Applying a high-quality male organ health cream ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. First, the rubbing in of a cream by itself helps get the circulation going again. If the chosen cream contains L-arginine, which aids in male member blood flow, this can also aid in getting circulation back to normal. In addition, a cream that is loaded with natural moisturizers, such as Shea butter and vitamin E, will help alleviate the raw male organ; if it also has vitamin B5, it will help to enable healthy male organ function, easing the rawness further.

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