ClydeSight 2.0! - Celebrates Eleventh Year Of Entertainment For Cat Lovers Of All Ages With Free MP3 Music

ClydeSight Productions celebrates eleventh anniversary of the launch of their award winning: ClydeSight2.0! - The Fun and Games Cat Site with free MP3 music.

ClydeSight Productions is celebrating the 11th Anniversary of the launch of ClydeSight 2.0! - the Fun and Games Cat Site by offering some free MP3 music for visitors and loyal fans.

The site started in 1996 when Clyde Big Paws, Feline Unit 236.8v2 (the only cat ever named after a software revision) debuted on the Internet in ClydeSight 2.0! - the Fun and Games Cat site. Clyde's human companion was C.H.U. (Clyde's Human Unit) who chronicled his adventures. But Clyde was a "techno-cat" who "composed" synthesizer music to accompany his many adventures, which have pun-laden, offbeat but family friendly humor. The adventures feature Clyde's music, some of which is offered as free MP3 downloads in celebration of the anniversary.

Catzilla - The Title Theme to the series (played by the XV Orchestra) is one of the free MP3 offerings. It musically describes the adventure. Clyde stars as a big fluffy gigantic cat running amok in "Mew Nork City". The series (there are five adventures) are parodies based on the 1990's New York Godzilla film and they take off from there. Each story (located in the Clyde Cinema) is not so much a movie as a web-comic with pictures and original theme music. Each gets progressively sillier as Catzilla battles inept space aliens, a creature named "Gertgantua", catnip powered robots and a giant love-struck catnip chicken. Of course, no one gets seriously hurt and happy endings abound.

Time Travel Clyde - Clyde discovers the secret of time travel and immediately starts to mess up history. It's kind of a game -- visitors have to answer a question at the end of each adventure story to set things right and return to reality (or, they can just close their browser). Clyde meets up with Queen Elizabeth I (fans of Elizabeth I movies will find this an amusing entertainment). "Lullaby Clyde", one of the free MP3 offerings, comes from Clyde's adventure with Thomas Edison and how he really invented the electric light. Another historical adventure, "The Idiocy and the Oddity", located here, is a complete re-telling of Homer's classic "Iliad and the Odyssey" from a cat's point of view. It's illustrated, has original music and is loaded with puns, i.e. "They found themselves sailing without a porpoise." The "Grand Overture" to the mini-epic is available as an MP3 download.

Other music abounds in ClydeSight2.0!

ClydeMaze CM-1 - a maze game where "everything looks the same." It has an original military theme, and the goal is to find and rescue Clyde the cat. It's a new approach to a maze -- although visitors walk through it, nothing seems to change unless they look behind secret panels for clues that unlock special electronic cat-doors.

Eddie's All Digital Paintings Section - created in the Bryce 3-D program, contain critical essays and feature accompanying original music ("Birth of Dreams" and "The Eternal Flame") that has won awards and delighted many fans.

Visitors report that the music on the site adds much to the entertainment value.

There are over 40 different tunes scattered about, all original music by neoclassical composer Tim Thompson (although on the site, Clyde and Gertrude cat are often credited as the composers). Some are presented in raw MIDI format; others are MP3 synthesizer recordings that several visitors have remarked sound like a real orchestra. Thompson claims that Clyde himself actually helped in the composition of many of the little pieces.

Since 1996, ClydeSight 2.0! been visited by over 2 million people from 57 countries and had received numerous peer awards for excellence.

ClydeSight 2.0! - The Fun and Games Cat site is part of the ClydeSight Productions Web Megaplex. Visitors can Google "ClydeSight Productions" and click on the picture of Clyde at the top of the page to "... come play with Clyde" and download their free music.


Contact Details

Company Name: Clydesight Productions
Issued By: Justin
Phone: (781) 322-4430
Zip: 02148
Website: Visit the website

by Justin (few years ago!)

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