Kinky Sensual Activity for Beginners- Consider Attending a Munch

Many people find themselves interested in kinky sensual activity, but are not sure where to begin. Such individuals may find themselves a respectful, helpful community of people by attending a munch, an event that brings those with varying levels of interest and experience in the BDSM/fetish worlds together.

A healthy sensual life is important for mental, physical and manhood health ( For some men, a healthy sensual life entails exploring their more eccentric interests. Those who are curious about kinky sensual activity – whether incorporating bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, fetishes or some combination of these – may want to consider attending a munch.

What is a munch?

A munch is a social event organized by participants of the kink community. These events are generally held in a public place, such as a restaurant or café. Often, attendees enjoy lunch, dinner and/or drinks while talking about various aspects of BDSM or fetish life, or just socializing. Depending on the size of the gathering, the attendees can be expected to represent a range of experience levels and interests. It’s a place for learning, sharing and building a sense of community with other people who have non-traditional sensual leanings.

What is a munch not?

Generally, munches are not held as “pick up” gatherings – one shouldn’t attend expecting to find a new sensual partner. Although, one might earn an invitation to a kinky party, depending on the crowd, or meet someone with whom to explore later.

Is it safe?

Attending a munch is certainly safer than taking up one of those Craigslist casual encounters. It’s held in public, and people who go to them tend to be interested in a close-knit and respectful community. Still, there is always some risk involved when meeting up with strangers. Some may wish to bring a friend or partner.

If one wishes to go alone but has concerns, he can consider contacting the person organizing the event. This person may hold a seat next to him/her and make a special effort to help a guy feel comfortable, introducing him to others and checking in on how he’s feeling throughout the duration of the gathering.

Are some people “too vanilla” for a munch?

No! A munch is not about competition. It’s about welcoming, learning, sharing and making friends. One shouldn’t fear that his interests aren’t “kinky enough” or that he has too little experience to attend a munch. These events are not just for people who have extreme interests or who have acted upon them, but for those who are genuinely curious about kinky sensual activity and may want to learn more about it as well.

What is proper munch etiquette?

1. Respect others. Don’t ask very intimate questions at first.
2. Don’t brag. In keeping with the atmosphere of welcoming, one shouldn’t be boastful about how kinky his thoughts or experiences have been – he can share, but not with the intention of making others feel “too vanilla.”
3. If one wants to wear something out of the ordinary that speaks to his kink – a collar, for example – he should contact the organizer to see if such is deemed appropriate. Most of the time, people dress for a munch how they normally do.
4. Know if there are any specifications of the munch you plan to attend. Some have age group restrictions; some are dominants or submissives only, etc. Respect those specs.

Where does one find out when munches are happening?

One can google the term “munch” along with his location, or create a FetLife account and search there. FetLife is a social media network for kinksters.

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