Male Organ Odor Post-Sensual Activity: What to Do

Sensual activity in the middle of the day or before a social gathering at night is great, but the male organ odor resulting from it can be a bit of an embarrassment to some men.

A quickie in the middle of the day can be refreshing, but if a mid-day sensual act leaves a man with a distinct whiff of male organ odor, it can be embarrassing. Some men don’t care, of course, and may even welcome the attention, as it affirms their sense of alpha male-ness. But practicing proper male organ care ( and hygiene, including addressing male organ odor, is something that is beneficial to men in the long run.

An aromatic affair

Sensual activity, especially partner-based, is generally accompanied by sweat. When two bodies are rubbing against each other, they’re passing sweat back and forth, and the closeness of their bodies is producing more and more heat, and consequently more and more sweat. In addition to the sweat, body oils are being exchanged regularly, along with sensual fluids.

All of these are natural, but there may be other aromatic additives in play as well. Cologne, perfume, hair products, soaps, skin conditioning oils and more may be in the mix. And many lubricants come with some fragrance added. While all of these may individually have a pleasant smell, mixed in with sweat, dirt and oil, as well as with the aromas of other products, they may contribute to an overall effect that is not as sweet as intended.

Pre-existing odor

When it comes to male organ odor, all of the above can be transmitted to the organ, creating a potential “smell alert.” But it’s also true that a great many men bring a pungent member to the proceedings even before the pants come off.

A pervasive male organ odor is one of the most common complaints among women. Often, men are so used to the way that their manhood smells that they may be unaware that they are packing plenty of pungency. Many assume that the scent is overflowing with the “musky” aroma that women are supposed to find so appealing.

It’s true that a certain “manly” scent does factor into one’s sensual appeal; however, too often the sensual factor is being overpowered by plain old unhygienic stink.


Why should this be? There are several reasons. For instance, unless a man shaves his manhood area, the region is covered by hair, which creates a heat-inducing insulation, which in turn promotes sweat. The presence of that hair also means that the sweat has something to catch on and cling to.

The sweat component is further exacerbated by the fact that the organ is typically covered by not one but two layers of clothing, creating even more heat. And if that isn’t enough, the influx and trapping of blood that is part of the tumescence process adds a further heating element to the organ.

Steps to take

If a man wants to decrease the chance that lingering male organ odor will give away the fact that he has engaged in sensual activity recently, there are several steps he can take.

• Wash. Clearly, taking a few minutes after coupling to clean the area is an excellent way to eliminate bodily odor. Just be sure to use a gentle cleanser, since manhood skin is so sensitive.

• Change clothes. A new outfit is a good idea, but showing up in different clothes after lunch might be a giveaway that one has been up to something. If that’s the case, a guy can still change into fresh underwear.

• Use an appropriate crème. Male organ odor, whether from sensual activity-based fun or just daily living and sweating, should be battled on a regular basis by using a superior male organ health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). It’s essential that the chosen crème contains vitamin A, because this vitamin contains anti-bacterial properties which help to eliminate male organ odor. In addition, the best crème will also include vitamin D, which keeps cells healthy. Keeping the member in peak condition plays a role in reducing male organ odor.

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