Life Coach? A New Slant On Self-Improvement! The Ticket To Changing Your Life

In the past decade the use of Life Coaches has propelled to new heights. Professionals and individuals hire Life Coaches to ?redesign? their love life, finances, career, sports, spirituality; you name it there is a life coach for you!

Want a Life makeover? Hire a Life Coach! ... the ticket to changing your life

By: Jill Lanese, Life Coach

Do you feel like you are in a rut? If so, you may find hiring a Life Coach helpful. In the past decade the use of Life Coaches has propelled to new heights. Articles appear regularly in leading newspapers and magazines raving about the benefits of having a Life Coach. Professionals and individuals hire Life Coaches to ?redesign? their love life, finances, career, sports, spirituality; you name it there is a life coach for you!

What exactly is a Life Coach? A Life Coach is someone you trust and confide in. They listen, understand and support your dreams while applauding your successes. A Life Coach is nonjudgmental and is in-tuned to you. They listen and ask the right questions; they understand what works in your life and what doesn?t and often know the reasons ?why?. They safely guide you to uncover the necessary insights to change your life. A Life Coach might not have all the answers... but, a good life coach certainly knows the questions to ask. Your relationship with your Life Coach is different than most relationships in your life; often quite different than your relationship with a spouse, friend or therapist.

Why does someone hire a coach? Generally, a client has a vision. He is at point ?a? and wants to get to point ?b? but doesn?t know the best route to get there. In other words, a client may have a mediocre job or relationship and they recognize something is missing. They sense or desire the need for 'change'. The professional may want a better job, or a different career. The single person may want to improve the quality of their relationships. Or, a client may lack joy in their lives but doesn?t know ?how? or ?what? to change. The possibilities and individual scenarios are varied and endless.

What makes coaching work for some and not for everyone?

Coaching works most effectively when the following key factors are present:

1) The Client is ?ready?. What this means is they are open to learn a new approach, emotionally open, ready for change, willing to listen, grow and embrace a new ?life plan? and execute the necessary changes

2) The Client is aware that they are not presently ?living the life they want? and has a sincere desire to make the necessary changes towards living the life they truly want

Coaching works most efficiently when both of these key factors are present. The synergy between coach and client allows for respect, open dialogue, the ability to identify problems, issues or road-blocks, and allows for the creation of a new, more effective ?life plan? fueled with the strong desire and drive to reach the targeted goals.

What kind of coach do I hire? That is the most common question I am asked. Quite frankly, almost any person trained as a Life Coach has the skills to assist you. But, in today?s world there are countless life coach specialists each having unique skills. The first step is to know what you want to ?change?. If you want a career change hire a Career Coach. If you want better relationships hire a Relationship Coach. If you want to improve your self-esteem hire a Self-Esteem Coach. Ask yourself what you want and what isn?t working in your life. Sometimes a client doesn?t know or their life is on a down-hill decline... then my suggestion is to reach out to a general Life Coach or a Self-Esteem Life Coach.

Self Esteem: We all have self-esteem issues. How they hinder or hold us back varies. When one lacks self-esteem their life doesn?t 'work' and you feel like you are in a rut. Self-esteem is a precursor to a happy and productive life. Life is a building block and self-esteem is the foundation. Without a strong foundation life?s plans and goals (even when reached) often crumble or are not fulfilling. I work with my clients to build that rock-solid strong foundation of self-esteem. The results are often Life Changing!

As self-esteem grows so does self-confidence, inner peace, joy and happiness. Money problems and love issues begin to resolve themselves as the Life Coach helps you to pinpoint and focus your desires on a whole new dimension of living. You begin to feel focused and revitalized.

Do you desire a Life Coach? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is your Passion? Do you know? Most people don?t. Ask someone what they love. The may tell you Sanjaya, American Idol, shopping, eating, sports or a host of other possibilities. But are these true passions? Sometimes - YES but more often they are hobbies or pleasures we use to occupy (and/or distract) us from living our life to the fullest. In our busy world it is hard for many of us to take the time to truly know ourselves and our true passions. Most of my clients tell me somewhere along the way ?they lost themselves?. If you don?t know what your passions are, it?s hard to ever hit the target. After a few sessions, my clients KNOW their passions and what they want. They have a new direction and a new ?focus? within themselves.

2. What is Important to You? A Life Coach will help you identify the important things in your life and work with you to design a personalized ?life-plan? that?s balanced and ?custom-designed? for you. Not a carbon copy designed for someone else. This is your life. Personalized guidance from a Life Coach will encourage you not only to devise the plan but also to follow it. You may wonder how this works - it sounds ?all too easy?. Well, what I always tell my clients is if you don?t know what you want; you?ll never get there. Be clear in your goals and life-plan. Your life-plan is a blueprint to getting the life you desire.

3. What makes you happy? Love? Money? Success? Friends? Admiration? All of these take focus, responsibility and the TRUE desire for having them. My clients come from all backgrounds, but one common thread binds them: their honest desire to be happy and to have the things they most desire. In our coaching sessions we focus on learning to draw into your life the things that align with your true passions and desires.

4. Who hires a Life Coach? My clients are intelligent, successful, savvy people who want more out of their life. They include business professionals, those on a spiritual quest, men and women desiring to ?remake their love life?, sports stars, celebrities, moms, dads, daughters, sons, husbands, you and me. My clients hire me to help awaken their passion, rekindle joy in their lives and to restore them to their divine right to have the happiness they deserve. Our coaching sessions are built on a strong foundation of ?teamwork?. I support their passions and help my clients create the life and happiness they deserve.

5. What is holding you back? People spend hours telling you what they ?think? is holding them back. The most common things I hear are: their boss, their wife, their boyfriend, their weight, their financial situation, their clothes, their hair, and the list goes on and on. Listen very carefully - the truth is - none of these are actually holding you back. The ONLY thing that holds any of us back is our ?limiting beliefs? and ?low self esteem?. I work with my clients to help them identify both the beliefs that serve them and also those that don?t. When we are aware of those beliefs that limit us, we can replace them with a new belief system that allows emotional growth, health, happiness, love and success to flow easily into our lives.

6. Stop the Negatives: Positive thinking actually is a big part of reaching your highest potential. Negative thinking, on the other hand is even more powerful and has the ability to bring us to a complete halt. How often have you had a big idea and had all these plans running through your head and then the negative chatter started. Before you know it that grandiose plan is minimized to dust. I work with my clients to teach ways to reinforce the positive chatter in our heads and reduce the negative dialogue.

You sold me - how do I hire you? I am thrilled to announce that I have recently joined Kasamba?s Team of Live Experts which enables me to offer my coaching services 'LIVE' to a broader audience. You can contact me at:,-Life-Coach.

Voice, chat or email sessions are available or visit my website at:


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