NovelBrand presents workplace communications series: 7 Highly Effective Communication Habits

Communications consulting group teaches organizations the habits that can transform the workplace.

NovelBrand Communications is a consulting group based in Atlanta, GA. The group provides consulting services to growing companies including workplace communication strategies; and coaching to decision-makers.

The group just introduced a 7 part series to help companies address communication lapses in their organizations, by empowering employees to improve their ability to interact and produce at work:

Information voids. Nonproductive meetings. Lackluster project roll-outs. If these sound painfully familiar, you may be experiencing the same frustration that, according to a Siemens Enterprise Communications study, plagues many US organizations. According to this 2006 study, companies spend roughly 17.5 hours per week addressing communication "pain points". Data also showed that the larger the organization, the more prevalent were communication issues - to the tune of 50% higher, on average, for companies of 20+ employees!

A different study links career success to not only effective communication skills, but also the ability to work well with others (University of Pittsburgh/ Katz Business School). This study's data was conducted with recruiters in companies of 50,000+ employees.

Now consider the communication "pain points" you might be experiencing much too often in the workplace. Could your workforce use some insights into improving how they complete assignments, manage projects, and work together? Sure they could, and that's what these seven habits are about. Based on Stephen Covey's all-time best seller, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, these habits coincide nicely to present a plan of total immersion into to self-improvement for the conscientious workplace professional.

Of course, the first level of commitment has to be from managers and leaders, as examples and carriers of the flame. Once you present these habits to your workforce, the discussion is sure to start some momentum for some employees, but they'll be watching their leaders and following in their footsteps. So assuming that leadership is on board, let's start with the first habit...

Habit #1: Be proactive about improving your communication skills

"Change starts from within, and highly effective people make the decision to improve their lives through the things that they can influence rather than by simply reacting to external forces."
- Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I tell audiences that if you are really tired of being misunderstood, disregarded or disliked, look within for the answers as to why you are ineffective. That means paying attention to your intra-personal communications, which is the conversation you have with yourself about yourself and others (aka "self-talk").

Your intra-personal communications started being developed while you were still in diapers. Along the way, you picked up how-to's from family, friends, teachers, coaches, etc., and they influenced your self-esteem and how you view the world, handle conflict, personalize words and actions, etc. If you spend time really reflecting on past events you might realize some distinguishable influences that you would like to change. For example, the aunt or uncle who constantly compared their children to you and your siblings. Or the neighbor who made comments about your unruly hair. Or the way your dad paid more attention to your sister (or mom paid more attention to your brother). All these experiences may have taught you how to "see" yourself, and they may not have always been positive. But you have the tools (and the power) to change self-inflicting 'wounds':
1. Use Metacognition: Metacognition means knowing when and where to use particular strategies for learning or problem-solving. It requires being very self-aware of your thoughts, your feelings, etc., and being deliberate about changing them.
2. Exercise self-monitoring: Start writing down your thoughts as you pay attention to them, and write contrasting thoughts to off-set any negative/unproductive attitudes. For example, replace, "I feel inexperienced in this position" with "I will exhibit enthusiasm about learning, and always do my best work."
3. Start creating all-positive intra-personal communications: Using tools like a dreambook or journal, collect and record the imagery, messages and goals that make up your ideal life. Once you have a clear vision of the future you, you can fulfill that vision more easily. You can also use an affirmations table, where you list unwanted intra-personal thoughts, and beside them list the contradictory thoughts that should replace them.

These seem pretty elementary, and they are easy to implement. But the challenge is in the repetition...old habits die hard! Once you notice how much better and less stressed you feel by consciously putting yourself in a positive frame of mind, the more motivated you will be to get back on track every time you regress.

It's all a matter of habit.
For more information about this and other related topics, visit or contact the author, Audrey Glenn, at (404) 936-3835.


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by Audrey Glenn (few years ago!)

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